Rewiring a property is a major undertaking and one that is best done when the house is empty. If you have purchased a new home and know that it needs to be rewired, it is best to plan to do this before you move in. Rewiring unlike other forms of home improvement has an impact on all floors and in all rooms. Typically power would be turned off on the first day with a temporary supply created next to the consumer unit. The task can then be divided into three stages:

pl1 First fix

First fix sees the removal of the old installation and the new cables being run under floors and through walls. This will mean lifting floor boards and using power tools to chase channels in the plaster on the walls. Plastering may be necessary at this point.

Second fix

The electricians return to fix the accessories such as sockets and switches and to install the consumer unit. The property will then need to be decorated.

We will of course take care and have a good supply of dust sheets but it is better to know from the outset what the job involves.

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